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Ashland Design Solutions

The Design Company

A good design balances the logistics and aesthetics of a project with the needs of the client. Since the essence of the design is a concept developed by the designer with the client, it cannot be wholly represented in a set of construction drawings. Working as the designer and the builder, Ashland Design Solutions provides a seamless connection between design intent and construction. 

traditional home design
In a design/build project, construction costs are addressed at the beginning of the design process and monitored throughout. Using cost–based design principles, a design resolution is reached that is within budget before beginning construction. This method allows for realistic decisions to be made in the design phase that will keep the project on budget. It also allows for “what if” evaluations of alternative construction materials and systems to better illustrate comparative costs and benefits. This cost-based design process provides the client an effective means of design resolution. 

Even with a fully detailed set of building plans, many technical and conceptual aspects of a design are not apparent in the final construction documents. As the on-site designer/builder, Ashland Design Solutions is in place to assure the integrity of the design, adhere to the established budget and manage the project schedule.

The Designer/Builder

Milo Shubat, Building Designer, General Contractor 

  •  Michael “Milo” Shubat: Building Designer and General Contractor. Sole proprietor, Ashland Design Solutions.
  • Established Ashland Design Solutions (ADS) in 1998, a design/build practice. Oregon General Contractor’s license
    CCB  #133058.

  • University of California Berkeley, 1986 - Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. General Contractor's license, practiced 
    design/build in the S.F. Bay Area until 1998

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