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SIPS construction, rainwater cisterns

Anderson Creek - Situated on a rural site along the creek, this house utilizes SIPS panel construction for the building envelope. The heat for the house is provided by a masonry heater (wood-fired) which has a heated bench surround. The roofing is galvanized metal, as are the gutters and structural connectors. Galvanized metal culvert pipe was used for rainwater cisterns, and the stored water is used for site irrigation. In addition to the living spaces, a music studio was incorporated into the west end of the building.

SIPS construction, Ashland custom home design
Orange Street- Located in Ashland, this house utilizes SIPS panel construction for the walls, with a conventional truss framed roof. The flag lot site provided beautiful mountain views from the second floor, while the ground floor public spaces were screened from street view.

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