Ashland Design Solutions

Ashland Design Solutions strives to incorporate ‘green’ and otherwise sustainable concepts and products in every project. Any consideration of sustainability will benefit the structure, the client and the environment. Ashland Design Solutions considers the following sustainability benchmarks when evaluating any design :

  • Does it make sense?Green’ just for the sake of being green is not a valid choice. If it fits with and enhances the overall intent of the design and the structure itself, then it’s worth considering.
  • Is it regionally sourced? Ideally, sustainable products and materials are locally / regionally produced - 
    long distance sourcing of materials increases the impact on the environment.

  • Will it stand the test of time? Does it work today, and will it continue to perform for future users? True green and sustainable innovations will advance existing, proven principals in ways that can demonstrably improve your living spaces and your life - and do so without becoming obsolete.

SIPS construction, rainwater cisterns

Ashland Design Solutions is proud to be an Energy Trust of Oregon Architectural Program Ally

Dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy
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