Ashland Design Solutions

Why Design/Build?

  • A full-service design/build company brings the three main participants in aEnergy efficient building design, custom stair project together as one team. The client, designer and builder share goals and expectations throughout the project so that the client’s desires are fully realized. 

  • A design/build company is accountable for aesthetics, realistic cost evaluation, project scheduling and
    job-site management. All of these aspects are discussed and planned during the design phase of a project,
    minimizing unexpected surprises during construction. 

  • When a designer thinks like a builder concepts of both livability and buildability are considered in the design process. When a builder thinks like a designer the intent of the design is an integral part of all construction decisions made in the field. 

  • Design/build allows complete collaboration between the client and the production process. From the outset, the client is integrated into the entire process of creating / transforming his or her living space. 

  • The design/build process provides a clear channel for the
    communication of design ideas
    and concepts from inception
    to project completion.  traditional bath remodel, custom bath design

  • Because a design/build company has a real-time grasp of construction costs, projects are designed to a client’s desired budget. 

  • When compared to typical architect + builder subcontracts, there are
    inherent savings to the design/build approach. Architectural fees
     can range from 8% - 15% of construction costs. ADS design fees range from 3% - 6%. In addition, because a designer/builder is part of the construction team, during construction revisions can be made in real-time without the need to stop work, schedule a meeting and wait for revised drawings before resuming construction.
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