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Traditional kitchen with a modern flair
Hillcrest Street Remodel - Phase 3 of this house remodel included the kitchen. With the addition of a sitting area and a porch over the carport, this kitchen has become the most used living area in the house. New cabinetry introduced a bold color scheme that was taken throughout the house.


Medford Remodel - This whole-house remodel was completed in 3 phases over 2 years. Ashland design solutions teamed with Carolyn Allman / Allman Design Group, Julia Rezek Lighting Design and Ezra Morgan, general contractor to transform this East Medford mid-80's ranch into a stunning modern take on the ranch house.

Whole-house remodel, custom home design

Jacksonville Whole-House Remodel - Situated on a flag lot near the city center, this 'tear down' house was revived into a 3/2 with views and privacy. ADS purchased the house to re-sell, and the new owners appreciated the comforts of a 'new' home close to town.

New kitchen in Ashland
Hillcrest Street Kitchen Remodel- Located in Ashland, the kitchen was the last public area to be updated in this 50's era house. The original kitchen was bisected by an archway that made preparing a meal challenging. The renovated kitchen is open to the entry and front public spaces as well as being accessible to the rear yard.  

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